Love this… creative way of thinking

Old School construction I created in cardboard by way of  folds and cuts on  route to 4D Modelshop to collect first grey resin 3D print. Shot by Bauhaus design cladded building. East London
cardboard Hexatrigon blockchain(ed) with tape helped by ‘Made to Aid’
True line computer generated geometric polygons, and regular polyhedron , Hexatrigon 3D printed in nylon by multi-jet fusion. Sculpteo.
mixed processes, materials and manufacturers

The concept of  sharing assets or functionality is not a unique concept as a result of monetary devices, opportunity or creative thinking being some things that are extremely difficult to truly protect. Reflecting where something comes from in practical or theoretical terms help its authenticity.

Hexatrigon the name may have had previous connotations but it’s solid / virtual forms as far as I know are mine for now.

Design creative renewable distributable,  Hexatrigon printed in Aluminium. by i.materialise


thinking outside of the box has its issues at size of below titanium print
registered trademark desktop images are screenshots

Which classification of patent protection do original 3D printed polyhedra fall into? Maybe it is a ‘grey’ area like the Titanium and Aluminium Hexatrigons printed by i.materialise or Sculpteo. There is still copyright.

Aluminium shot peened finish (-:fixed?;-)
Custom Aluminium (Shot Peen))3d print  Sculpteo, placed on unique custom card
custom Titanium (satin finish) 3d print on custom card, Alas Apple photo/ card  printing service!!!
The inside of above card where spheres do make a difference to this model without spheres at this size. See above image.

However some things I may see make me realise what is possible when the right minds get together. They may not have any connection to me other that to say  Mi Luv Yu Bad as the concepts they embody and reflect are aspects of mine . A respect for, not only design & creativity but also are renewable energies.

Aluminium solar powered wind turbine  miniature with led.

Aluminium solar powered wind turbine miniature with led+usb

cold as Ice Hexatrigon with  embedded seed


Seasons are integral to all life as are all the elements.

Natural lights at night, by the ocean. Earth, Air, Fire, water plus full moon.


respect for the other side, like 2d lines and points. That I can  ‘close‘ to form this shape.

Without the name of the model the lived experience still remains which, resulted after being introduced to the concept before its creation. This is the  first attempt to accurately visualise the wire 3D form on a 2D digital plane

Digital vector line versions of Made to aid

to create something different with the best laser accuracy I could manage.

To see this Trojan visuals takes two blanks