“Hexatrigon” – constructive, productive, formerly creative

Below a construction created in cardboard by way of folds and cuts. The photo was taken on route to 4D Modelshop to collect the first-ever manifest grey resin 3D print! 

 (Aug ’17) Shot by Bauhaus design clad building. East London (click for background)

Steel Made to Aid‘  recreated in metal below, cut with best laser cutting precision at hand.

Hole determined by the thickness of steel, in this case, 3mm. 5 sided drawing tool.

Could what I call ‘Made to Aid’  be Hexatrigon too? Technically they are both 3d.  Only time will tell.

hole if required of your own making. This ® angle aid as originally envisaged after creating plywood versions. This is where the angles needed to join edges where crucial even though it was achieved with some additional materials;-)

SLS Alumide natural print www.I.materialise.com 2019



File name Prototype (Made to aid’s and its compass base origins.


Mixed manufacturers and materials. Photographed from above leeds laser cutting, 3dprintuk, imaterialise, cardboard. plus echoes (badge) and steel print polished black

I see cubes although it was not created with that in mind.

First many thanks to the developer who created this viewer! (it is interactive), In order to allow you to engage with 3d virtual space and me to show you the full 360 views of 3d models..


This 3d model is also a Multicolour print.It is  a .stl model conversion to, .obj (no colour/material etc.) An alternative background in this viewer.(no missing planes once printed)

It is now occurring to me that a scale issue which relates to all the multicolour prints,  that  I alluded to on  ‘Actual Virtual Realities‘ has consequences. So did the other multicolor prints also see same posting. Click the viewer to stop rotation then zoom in & out and please do

The concept of sharing assets or functionality is not a unique concept as a result of monetary devices, opportunity or creative thinking being some things that are extremely difficult to truly protect. Reflecting where something comes from in practical or theoretical terms help its authenticity.

True line computer-generated geometric shapes, and an unusual regular polyhedron printed in nylon by multijet fusion  Sculpteo.
Clear polyester resin self-cast- This I believe is the only item I never revealed the source. It is a fibreglass company in Co. Antrim . (Sorry the wax pellets were  from Scotland) The spray release was Macsil.  Shame that i did get chance to cast many.
Seed embedded in ice Hexatrigon

Hexatrigon the sound may have previous connotations as well as the word but it’s solid /virtual manifestations, as far as I know, are mine for now. “Blue sky thinking” was the process of realisation of hexatrigon particularly its digital transformations.

Mixed processes of manufacture of same form different materials and Additive manufacturers,
I.materialise printed first ALUMINIUM ‘BLUE SKY THINKING’ FEB 2018

Which classification of protection did an original printed polyhedra fall into? Maybe it is a ‘grey’ area like the Titanium and Aluminium Hexatrigons printed at  i.materialise.com or Sculpteo.com. Extremely thankful to IP, and the principles of the Additive Manufacturing industry. As my first ventures raised issues of concern.

An alternative view from where I was told to look by the official office when I spoke to them,  before the registration commenced. I saw a net version of what I searched for at that time.  Although I used the word polygon at the time.


However some things I may see make me realise what is possible when the right minds/ designers/ architects/ engineers and scientists etc get together. They may not have any connection to me other than to say  Mi Luv Yu Bad as the concepts they embody and reflect are aspects of mine. Respect for, not only design & creativity but also are modern renewable energies/ materials etc.

First Aluminium custom print of this model by Sculpteo, France

Second Custom Aluminium Print, 2018  by Materialise. via. (A material world)


Natural lights at night,. Earth, Air, Fire, water on a full moon Nov 2017

As Seasons are integral to all life, as are all the elements. also is a 
respect for the other side, like lines and points. That  ‘close‘ to form this hexagonal/triangular based shape.

This ‘lived experience’ still remains.,  Hexatrigons’ creation/ realisation. These representations  above were the  first attempt to accurately visualise the 3D form in 2D
First time printed in 2d (22 aug 18) before the two prints of custom aluminium  hexatrigons above. The front has the first and only 2d print of the model in image with the words “blue sky thinking“as found in google images.

Physics/ science has been a positive  influence

A selection of custom printed Hexatriagonal “blue sky thinking” in various  metals-(Titanium / Aluminium) and sizes via Additive Manufacturing


Platinum silicone mould general casting purpose the material is also food safe.

This cast and polyamide rows prints are from the tax year 2018-2019! When I found out the materials used beforehand were not food safe! Before I investigated Uk sources to look into producing more than one or two prints at a time. And received above the technical drawing.from a more traditional manufacturing infrastructural basis.

Below a photo of clear rows of Hexatrigons  food  & medical safe for casting purposes. Slightly different model to the print in white, which the mould above is cast from that is not food safe as informed by the manufacturer.

Rows of…. DSM Somos® Watershed XC11122 medical grade, food safe Clear, made, by Paragon r-t
Virgin run SmoothOn  SORTA clear® series platinum silicone food-safe, a self-casted mould of above Somos® watershed printed rows

Scale (approx) 25.5cm x 11cm

Volume (approx:-) of revised size in the video

The transition of Mi Luv Yu Bad® with solid shape -Silver print via additive  manufacturing – high gloss, with hoop   I.materialise, before ornamentation (classification)  yet after trade registration

A unique self cast of silicone hexatrigon from silicone mould. (Not to be repeated in the same way!)

The hoop on a nylon print, about  3 days as of 23rd Dec 2019 see original photo / model.

in regards hoops

there are no industry standards a present.


This culminates from the journey’s start to an end. In the terms in which this site began. If this however does not fall in step with industry progressions there is always dyes/ flocking/ coatings/ not to mention materials.


Sorta clear silicone plus blue sky thinking in aluminium

CAD to stl    vs

TCT / Closer than you think 

HP  Multijet trade-in –


5 things manufacturers didn’t know

Made possible via

rocket science


incremental engineering

BBC Click like videos- along with CNC / additive manufacturing  services

Building bridges

Also why learning is so important and not just about me wandering blindly.

Yet has been around for 30 years  

I came across this way to enable manufacturing and although I am unable to commit, to making the part (recently discovered), if it was present at my manufacturing start I may never have encountered  3d printing at all!

A backstory to SLS by Sam Davies 

The GE Brief — February 27, 2020

Mach2020 and TCT360 is at the NEC Birmingham UK this year, which feature additive manufacturing in general or in part.