Been here before

 Brexit and the creation of Hexatrigon or the tool created to produce the non 3d printed versions.

Then came Covid 19 !!!!



Clear resin Sla  3d Print 2019 By Paragon RT. UK   DSM Somos® watershed clear XC11122 SLA previously … 3d print 2019. Printed in Uk which is why the badge was there Those that followed this site know why this was purchased



certified food safe resin first in eu 2020
Resin Pro (foodsafe), not for intended purpose first cast from…..Plus one of a kind  Oct’20 not bought for this but Andrew from paragon was right it would have popped off resin print, as it stands that is no longer a viable option





2017 Cast and pull by 4D Modelshop


Not the SmoothOn Sorta clear®series food safe silicone casted silicone mould. See below

The same print (in steel now missing like the original file from my failed hdd, Coincidence?) is what was cast in silicone (see below). It was also the means to create the process to place custom red and green lip prints on nylon. In addition to this wax version.




The actual digital Watermarked 3D print outs are the velvet ochre flocking print seen on although it is quite small in the background of photo that says Additive Manufactured!  However the model print was the yellow one.

First many thanks to the developer who created this viewer! (it is interactive), In order to allow you to engage with 3d virtual space and me to show you the full 360 views of 3d models..

Thank You Winston J (grabcad), Maurice(Wp), Harry & Shannon Autodesk Fusion

The Logo was in the downloaded file folder. GRABCAD.COM (JUL ’19 Winston J- green added to multicolour file).

P.s. To all previous contributors/ resources/customers/ viewers – I may be able to recover my site whether possible or not many thanks. Feel free to make contact nevertheless.  To Autodesk fusion see about 




CAD to stl    vs


TCT / Closer than you think 


HP  Multijet trade-in –



incremental engineering


5 things manufacturers didn’t know


Made possible via


rocket engine science


CNC / additive manufacturing  services


& Building bridges


Also why learning is so important and not just about me wandering blindly.


Although has been around for 30 years  


A backstory to SLS by Sam Davies- TCT


I came across this way to enable manufacturing and although I am unable to commit, to making the part/s if it was present at my manufacturing start I may never have encountered  3d SLS printing at all.





Corona hands free .materialise



Since the video and the paragon rt print






Custom green lips with the words ‘I love you’ in different languages. On Nylon 3D prints(see material world)




(AMFG Additive Manufacturing Landscape 2020: Digital Conference)


See webinars of on now on this site


It has been nearly 12 months since I created any new prints. Some of which are not visible here.



Protolabs Uk Jun 2020 DMLS- Maraging Steel (seen above)




this print was not the model used to cast the silicone
 Materialise UK -Performance SS 316L Finish Glass Bead Blasted (Satin) , Corundum-Blasted (Matte) (B Stainless Steel -Jun 2020 

To be very clear i respect both prints, they took me to the very end of my…….. until they (hoops2020, Steel polished black  and original 2018 ) recently went missing. guess you will have contact the manufacturers now.  EU, US & UK companies one way or another!
I opened the box!! Not pandoras


This set up created after the shot of a similar nature below!

Note:- there is now confirmation of a web backup . However, can no longer ….

Links and such


I have no sponsor like these like those seen on my last email from ASME and it started you asked we listened. Thank you.



Snapshot Ge additive From Asme webinar.


I also missed the discussion with a rep from women in 3D printing with Laura Griffiths at TCT last webinar before the ASME virtual Summit Medical/ Aerospace

Company video as seen after attending the above event which was a Mechanical engineering webinar. 

irony goes without saying with this end print in the video,  if you asked me.  When I think of what inspired the form in the 1st place.  Don’t think I mentioned that online- (maybe I’m wrong)

I only got to see the ASME Women in 3D printing webinar at the Summit webinar yesterday,  Would have been good to see it live, missed the Q&A’s 

Thanks Joanna S

Watching 3ds webinar (to pic nice!) now on phone registered via this sites email.  Not sure to post pic I have been through too much as it is. Trying to be flexible .,.:: MatterHackers

I genuinely hope i have not burnt all my bridges!!!

SEE VIEWER I WAS ABLE TO SHOW (not for very long though)

Not to be completely biased I watched a Rize- point of care webinar recently focusing on its use with solidworks( see below vid) first mentioned about recently via a conversation with goprint 3D(leeds). 

Also rep from Markforged, via go3dprint(reading) & Hp recently  called me! in the whole 4 years of my lines and sites being active. I thank them for that. just in case you fancy to read about instead the first black nylon print done by Sculpteo  in 2018 was multijet fusion. ( Forgive me if it is not the same printer)

The pictures maybe missing on some pages but the info should be valid.


forgive my ignorance on how we made first contact.

Don’t think I have seen a teardrop hole like that before! I somehow don’t think I am alone in comprehending how a university works its been a while!

Please note i am yet to purchase any of the above software as my creations benefited from the manufacturers already having the necessary framework! Their presence was to reflect the interactions I made since.  In some circles the software may not be so much of a concern, an understanding of the technology surely will.

To those official bodies I have made contact with via webinars and such my pubic profiles are somewhat complicated, I do hope personal communications make more sense. ..blah………..blah…………blah……. then hopefully some would ask, how? not what!


In the meantime 

Nexa3D collaborates with industry partners to accelerate sustainable AM and Industry 4.0 adoption


hidden within the links from original site you may have noticed a link to:-

From webinar not just YouTube.


I asked a question

To keep me going


Question:- is it a good sign to admit that whether in isolation or not, when one is out of ones depth?  All i will say for now in regards this last point is that it was the first one encounter  and second the focus on more automative processes.

One major reason why…….. thanks Joanna & Debbie

Never heard the word sim used like this.

Things to consider

@Formnext connect 2020 – NOW online til 31st December

“Knowledge is the only resource that increases when it is shared.”

Via trojanthinking

Dodgy connection i must say, good show nevertheles

TCT conference@

I appreciate being at the round table event. Spoke to the UK rep who emailed me. Also GE. Markforged, Nexa3D  and more  and of course someone from Materialise. 

did not mention previous escapades!!!


Except a missed call from South Dakota B9 Creations for Trojan Thinking. Same number, go figure. Thanks for the enquiry. Aaron Not this device or network!

After a text authorisation too! It would not start after enter, I wonder if that was the case with grant application too. Update got back in still no reception on this number on the unlocked iphone

Another reason why I could and reconsidered the application for  Leeds uni  Quantic MBA online via LinkedIn

was never any good at waffle

Sometimes I get the impression that with what I now know I shouldn’t have even tried. However I got  word that I should not think that way. I appreciate that!

i had help to find this out


good for you Jon all i will say is:: Spheres & trees! See spot the difference pic on Material world

believe me my sims are no longer working! Please understand also why……..I didn’t publicly say anything!

The DSM link for the  foot bridge that was printed.




JUST FOUND OUT BEING AS UPFRONT WITH MY DOINGS as  could be! WHAT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT FOR GROWTH WAS MISSING FROM WHAT CAN BE GLEAN FROM A SOFT SEARCH. ( This number!  even the card reader company which  less said I suppose!) Even Revolut can work with this platform if only they knew what I had already been through and they are linked to Trojan thinking! Like the bank mentioned to me,

“ I couldn’t make it up!”

Believe what you want?

beyond belief but not for long

I remember login rubbish happening inside companies house with their own computer systems years ago.!

I struggled seeing the ‘art’ in the parts created (note to hoop photo on page A bout).  Good Luck!

The latest powder heads I listened to mentioned no drawings that relates to something way in the past-no link this time. 

When all have finished going through my address book and contacts searching for names. 

with definitely with no signs of direct contact 

Halla- run out of Nordic Spirit patches  and no cred

I have a business card account no funds. i just about have a bank account. i had use what i got from clicks to cover something else. It should have covered the renewal that i received this email link. Trojan Thinking

As this could be the first time I have posted the red model here after losing trojanthinking(WordPress)  blog I had to mention rontemir for believing me (excuse my spelling) 

Viewing only click for Carbon webinar

Carpenter got it and it’s parts are in space and , landed on Mars  those in my life don’t understand me or answer my calls anymore!

Here’ s a strange one i could have started a chapter in P.A. lured into promoting a chapter for

i know what a patent is see screenshot on material world for the uk classification of the manufacturing process which I found before or click the patent image above which also not mine.

Something is going on where I missed webinars when they are scheduled 

( old running issue if anyone else has it beyond whom I sent it. It wasn’t me!) I stuck to my word. ) Customers… all they had to do was ☎️

Spheres hoops and Hexatrigon, it’s landed I guess. You telling me no engineer comprehends why it exists and how without it the triangle came about. Who told you I need one of the connectors too.  5ft 9 ish.