Love this… creative way of thinking

All versions of Hexatrigon have always had symmetry, it just took me some time to show.

A Hexagon in hexagon around the trigons faces in Hexatrigon showing its lines of symmetry.
To show no trickery to above image


Below a construction created in cardboard by way of folds and cuts. The photo was taken on route to 4D Modelshop to collect the first ever manifest grey resin 3D print! 

 (Aug ’17) Shot by Bauhaus design clad building. East London

Made to Aid‘  recreated in metal below, cut with best laser cutting precision at hand.

Hole determined by the thickness of steel, in this case, 3mm. 5 sided drawing tool.

I see cubes although it was not created with that in mind, creativity is its limit.

Maybe what i called ‘Made to Aid’ is really Hexatrigon!  What that would then mean for the polyhedron shape, time will tell.

Additive Manufacturing / 3d printing ready hole if required of your own making. The angle aid as originally envisaged after creating plywood versions,  where the angles needed to join cut beveled edges where crucial. In addition to other materials

The concept of sharing assets or functionality is not a unique concept as a result of monetary devices, opportunity or creative thinking being some things that are extremely difficult to truly protect. Reflecting where something comes from in practical or theoretical terms help its authenticity.

True line computer-generated geometric shapes, and an unusual regular polyhedron 3D printed in nylon by multijet fusion  Sculpteo.
United in difference. Mixed processes of manufacture same form different materials and manufacturers,

Hexatrigon the sound may have previous connotations as well as the word but it’s solid /virtual manifestations, as far as I know, are mine for now. “Blue sky thinking” was the process of realisation of hexatrigon particularly its digital transformations.

I.materialise 3D printed first ALUMINIUM ‘BLUE SKY THINKING’

Which classification of protection do original 3D printed polyhedra fall into? Maybe it is a ‘grey’ area like the Titanium and Aluminium Hexatrigons printed at or Extremely thankful for IP, and the principles of the Additive Manufacturing industry. As my first ventures raised issues of concern.


However some things I may see make me realise what is possible when the right minds/ designers/ architects/ engineers and scientists get together. They may not have any connection to me other than to say  Mi Luv Yu Bad as the concepts they embody and reflect are aspects of mine. Respect for, not only design & creativity but also are modern renewable energies/ materials etc.


First Aluminium 3D custom prints by Sculpteo, France
Second Custom Aluminium 3D Print, by Materialise via…

Aluminium solar powered wind turbine miniature with led+usb


Seed embedded in ice Hexatrigon
Clear polyester resin

Seasons are integral to all life, as are all the elements. also

Natural lights at night,. Earth, Air, Fire, water on a full moon Nov 2017


a respect for the other side, like 2d lines and points. That can  ‘close‘ to form this hexagonal based shape.

this ‘lived experience’ still remains. being introduced to the concept before Hexatrigons’ creation/ realisation. This image above was the  first attempt to accurately visualise the 3D form in 2D
2D Image, .image of .stl file, Titanium 3D Print. The stages to its creation

Transition of Mi Luv Yu Bad® with solid shape


Physics/ science has been a positive  influence

A selection of custom 3D printed Hexatriagonal “blue sky thinking” in various  metals-(Titanium / Aluminium) and sizes via Additive Manufacturing
‘Blue Sky Thinking’ manifest, in more States than one.
Beginning & end of version 1 highlighting shape of the angle aid tool


Rows 2019 I.materialise Belgium
Platinum silicone mould of above rows for general casting purposes by 4D Modelshop

Below a photo of  rows for more food /medical safe casting purposes

Somos® Watershed XC11122 medical grade , Clear made, by Paragon r-t
Virgin run SORTA clear® series platinum silicone food safe, self cast mould of above rows
first cast mould in Sorta clear®️silicone of blue sky thinking in aluminium


Promotional Multijet trade in offer
Bold and New