Love this… way of thinking

Old School construction by way of  folds and cuts on  route to 4d modelshop
True computer generated geometric lines/shapes  plus Hexatrigon 3D print in nylon by of multi-jet fusion. Sculpteo
True lines,  true planes, true shapes in (real) 3D time space

The concept of sharing assets or functionality is not a unique concept as a result of monetary devices, opportunity or creativite thinking being something extremely difficult to truly protect. Reflecting where something comes from in practical or theoretical terms help its authenticity.

Hexatrigon the name may have had previous connotations but it’s geometric form as far as I know are mine for now.

However some things I may see make me realise what is possible when the right minds get together. They may not have any connection to me other that to say  Mi Luv Yu Bad as the concepts they embody and reflect are aspects of mine . A respect for, not only design & creativity but also have renewable energies.

Aluminium solar powered wind turbine  miniature with led.

Aluminium solar powered wind turbine miniature with led+usb

SLM 3D print in Aluminium. Imaterialise


United in difference by way of hand casts & digital 3D processes