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2017 ( a reflection)


2020 a background

I placed a badge that was not my own inside the titanium in 2018/19 it would now be controversial all things considered.

all natural candle in the form of hexatrigon

I remember a call I received at a time when I happened to be in a room full of people who surprised as they may have been were silent once I opened my mouth to speak.

I relayed some of this yesterday ( this is not strictly speaking true it was last week when I spoke to the bank about a colleague)but I did my research back then!

Nothing much to smile about anymore.

AS I WROTE BEFORE COVID-19 at the top of main page I removed the photo of the two prints I did afterwards. I also found the prints mentioned on actual virtual realties. I will amend soon. See those pics/ post on trojanthinking.wordpress as I could read too much into that experience and I am only speaking in terms of those  actions only.