Love this… Potential avenue for Hexatrigon

The shape I call a Hexatrigon does not have the recognition that most geometric shapes have, as it was created by my own fair hands.

The way One markets/ promotes a geometric shape that is a derivitive of the hexagon and triangle to my knowledge has not been done since the time of Plato. If I am mistaken please make contact.

Four of the five images below are not real as the means for creating this in reality means 3D printing in metal which although it is not impossible it is available upon demand and consultation.. The ability to put branding on the Hexatrigon in other materials is not as seen on final image

Hexatrigon on its hexagonal side
Hexatrigon on its hexagonal side

Hexatrigon on its hexagonal side
preliminary press on natural beeswax fly repellent candle

Love this… Old School New School


The image below is an expression of a real perspective change that although does not directly relate to Hexatrigon physical construction, it does form a structural premise similar to the role that geometry plays in situating oneself in relation to something else allowing for perspective. It is via perspective that the Hexatrigon holds significance as its base of construction utilises two different geometric forms that creates one.

The Hexatrigon for me is A subjective perception from an “objective” understanding or rather the most objective position I could conceive.

A concept introduced to me before my lived experience led to ‘points and lines’