Where is the Love?

This post ironically has no images or custom prints. This is a moment for me to pause and recollect. I admit how I have made mistakes & things may have transpired in ways that possibly skipped steps that someone trained in the construction world have been taught to create shapes and such.

This step however was me trying to get back in touch with the advances in my knowledge of visual communications which although sounds all encompassing covers that which One finds instetesting. I dabbled in a products but could no way call myself a product designer.

However things as it may have progress to a reality whereby making contact is the next step to you getting what you want if I may have it.

Love this…. custom lips

This image was a result of my first visit to a print shop when my original registered custom prints lips was to complicated to be silk screen printed on tote bag . Unfortunately this never happened but as you can see these lips are flexible enough to be used in a multitude of applications and the words easily changed or removed.

It is Valentines Day soon so if it fits the bill, I hope to hear from you soon.

This one colour version is full with the words,

I love you

Love …. Together its stronger

It holds more weight than a pizza😊

I must admit to certain limitations in regards to stress testing, but these cardboard versions when working together were stronger.

It is not alone in this concept but it’s  new to the table.

Below see hexatrigons no glue or tape just folds and a slit or two  working together to support a kettlebell

They are stronger together

Stronger together