This Love can not be just for you

custom prints which has custom green Lips

As flags are something people can feel particularly fond of, when difference manifests under certain situations it can cause offence. As  I have in my IP portfolio a use for flags in such a way as not to cause concern or offence . I have largely concerned myself with what I have encountered here in the Uk through an experience of What is British?

Not too sure how Brexit will take the Uk  in relation to the rest of the world but I hope to make the best out of what i have whatever happens…… Every past has a future even if is in decline

It is a start


Love this… Rhiannon Giddens

Collection of custom prints -images along side Purchasers Option song by Rhiannon Giddens.

Bitter sweets and guilty pleasures are things we have learned to live with, but not every love is picturesque and not everything in ones past has Golden years even with rose tinted spectacles.