I created Six

When I had all of my equipment working correctly I had the last of my cards done via apple photos printing. These occurred when I had not produced a few of my models in singular.

I made one of these cards the featured image was the inside. also without trademark  but two 3D printed models. The one pictured is the first printed.

Custom Aluminium 3d Print (shot Peen))

And six of these cards without the trademark and the one3D printed  titanium model

Not for resale it shows some scale of anything

I had aimed to give them to those who actually helped me with the models. In one way or another.  I have given out only one! They helped me in actually placing the model in my hands!!!!

By all accounts one should have gone to Imaterialise/ materialise however that never occurred. Doubt as to who produced the card. If I was using someone logo etc. Plus I did not know who to send  it to. Strange what people notice.

Some things just do not work out. Dated card, timeless model. Out of touch…

Inside of the above card

Just to add the photo on the front of the second card was the titanium model I strategically placed the apple in the centre of the hexagon and took the shot. Maybe it was from the packaging no editing. The inside shot was from the back of the first card with a real shadow


In my pursuit to focus on my work in keeping with. Love is not being shown any where in the world that has not already benefited from it long running institutions. (Politics)

What that love is, is anyone’s guess. Sharing it?? Having a laugh.

Even the luv via 3D has its problems. Some models printed can not be as pictured without the shape in its current forms.

Irony is it was the shape that was important to me at least.  Maybe because it was just words it became a little fragile to print at the size/ material already produced. Not to mention long running hardware issues…..

I have not be able to collect what is already produced and is just imagery online.

Will the images / the idea be more informative that the object it’s self?