Update to last post

It is not that I was being indecisive it was about covering my mark which it did but left the reason I put the mark on in the first place. So I told another lie if you would call it that. However you may notice that what I said about in and not on it was true. Slight browning (but that would be the hot gun and took a fair whack too, and some more sanding.) I may have to lose some to gain some. Rows might not have been too far of the mark now, don’t hold me to that!!!

Older print and newer

Primed all sides but one, for paint couldn’t  bring myself to cover the lips . Sad! I  think this printout was not only when I had a printer but I think I printed the net form to the shape also.. One of the last image saved on a hdd that fail some years ago now.

P.s. I painted over them now for better or worse. You know if you rubbed of the paint the lips could still be there. The process embeds into the material not on to it.  So now only the second lower photo  is true!!