3d Viewer with original source image for printed card

solid if printed but can’t explain missing planes and wont try. If you can, by all means, make some contact.

What is the result?

Some seem to think that what I have been through is some kind of non believable events. I know since I started this site fake news was not in my vocabulary, however neither was the reality of calls that were not actually in relation to what the number was attached to!

The sims, the phones, the computers, the hard drives internal, external, disk based, solid state. All have in one way or another not been what I had been used to beforehand.

I created the lips when I did not have a computer, it was on an app which since has gone pro and is also on computer! I registered the 3d physical forms on a phone. The trademark was carried out on computer. I also moved in that time too. Lost some stuff there too.

The one or two things I had not done before seem to be that which if known, those want it to be recognised by someone else and when it is it is ignored anyway. If I used the knowledge from a supposed position those would still not want to hear. The ignorance of some to just entrench more ignorance is startling.

So thanks for that.

On the flip side there is now ….. what was before and then somethings leftover. I started off with the notion of two numbers one for …. the other…. because what I never mentioned here about the issues relating to the last time I had broadband/ land line. If known,  you would probably asked yourself why I even tried! There would have been less content online for sure. I think the reality of esims will have one sim for .. and another for… in a handset, and other devices too no doubt. With some additive manufacturing maybe and a dataset definitely.

Journey to hexatrigon

I have created this separate page section of which I dedicate to a unexpected  journey travelled via a thought process inspired by graphene. Below are blog posts that document the ongoing experience influencing my perspectives/outlook.










love this… creative way of thinking

This model is interactive, click and zoom in or rotate. Photo/ model is multicolour+  2019

Thank you Maurice*****


About why this is here


Appreciate difference,

My background was in the visual arts / psychoanalysis ( although my qualification doesn’t suggest that). I may have previously failed to mention that to my knowledge, there has not been any official clarification on when the difference occurs that namely individual entities display.  That often seems to be mimicked by others and then reflected in terms like ‘best practice’ appropriated to influence different cultures. Although the word ‘people’ can suggest many, they “people” can also be  a select few that may or not be in a group. Which once wanted to be in the UK even when they were from elsewhere for a multitude of reasons.

There is a discourse to reflect all the things we see, hear & speak. A scent for taste and a sense for touch. One of my knowledge positions suggests it’s about Desire (Lacan mostly)

Who am I to say otherwise even if I may know otherwise.

Did I make up the word love or luv? Was I mistaken? probably. Can I still use it? Most definitely

So maybe like other non physical yet all consuming concepts allude, we wait in hope…..

Custom prints-images was meant to promote that what is visual in nature.  That is its main objective, with the occasional text as is necessary. The images/ materials / products and sizes is all that will generally change.

Words, Images, Photographs or Products.

Love this… was a painstakingly difficult concept creation that was initially called Charm Wear, a bid to come up with something that was not already taken. In which I place a custom image of lips with the words ‘ I Love You’ in different languages on a classic 25mm button badge.

This lip image with the Braille was the only reason due to the impossible way to produce the badge, was why the words were the only intended  adaptation that made it to the solid 3D form first.

The badges were the inspiration for creating this site. The custom lips the inspiration for badges…..   Joss Love this…

#custom red lips plus ‘i love you’ in different languages printed on fabric

Love this…  the ( I ) in experience, with Love is Blind ( registered custom red lips with I love you in Braille) below experience to make it real.

These green custom lips are an element of a registered design mark that portrays a smiley face that was printed on Old Street brushed twill, without the face see below,

The importance of the face is that it was registered as a Design mark.  Also, it could well be the fact that it does not define everything or everyone.  It is one of many potential combinations,  which had been acknowledged by the UK Intellectual Property Office.


If you could even contemplate the combinations it is unlikely that there would be enough. The fact that this mark is result of an academic study nearly 20 years ago  in which what was presented was not acceptable. As you could expect those that could want to express something that is not obviously visible as national symbols. Although it is registered if used will be indiscretion as its outward impression still has many variants. It does, however, offer to show how two distinct emblems can have a possible non-offensive outlook through it.


 Love lost out. Never ever to return?

This print (no substrate) was not foreseen but occurred after the decision to leave EU-Jan 2020. (design was never created for resale but was on the original fabric roll).


Hexatrigon. was not something that can be said was anticipated when I created this domain, it is however something that was the result of a conversation about a custom card, inspired by graphene.


Transformations, from one position, perspective, dimension to another. In addition to the new outlook, it provided.

I did not know of undercuts before the technical drawing sent to me, situated on the front page. The result of an inquiry into traditional mass manufacturing  injection moulding/CNC machining.


Two types of printed matter. One was registered  before the above shape ever existed in the mind /body  or anywhere else.

Click and zoom in, for a better view

emails should get to me

Shape of tool (with guides) originally created to produce, non printed  or casted versions of Hexatrigon.

Not to mention the all the complications therein

Brexit has happened

I have bore my self to this and other sites from the start. Now when it is here   I am in a state of please can I have some more. Not uncertainty I have had my full. All these pursuits have taken all,  not that I started with much anyway. But tried to make the most of nevertheless only now might what I had been saying sink only now….. who knows

I would add, much of what I thought held true seems to have played itself in these few years too. These are my offerings since ‘civilisation and it’s discontents.’ Tell me if have seen anything here before! The lips had a history before but I did them from scratch even a friend thought they were not original

Thank you for passing by 🙂

Spheres and understanding

The first spheres were not for a joke or gimmick and neither were the second.  I may be isolated from the group in question. But picture this, Or not.

we live in 3D space and so much of that is informed by something less so.

often what is not said speaks volumes.
arranged spheres to make an imagined  part viable . It started with an iOS screenshot,  for viewing  purposes  only.  Jan 31 / Feb 2020

This model  is the only representation with colour which is the model settled on with enable manufacturing. I refused the official quote. (Spheres were not included) But model with hoop or without is possible up to 29 could fit on the casting tree. ( an investment casting) It was for steel! Thomson Reuters please don’t be offended. It was just showing how things had moved on since 2017 and original post.

It seems as though me using Trojanthinking as my tag for decades has now due to whatever is becoming problematic. If you notice time stamps on posts you will see 2018 is when the metal form came about.  I have used the name from the early nineties.