A Bout

In the beginning was a concept of custom lips on merchandise – theme love. Prints (understanding)  no longer fit that pattern. Click for the optimism in 2016- now very much diluted yet present

Custom prints-images

VELO3D Handbook for Metal AM Part Selection– (gone public since)



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A return- although not strictly speaking a print it is  a product of one. The first cast



Thanks Imogen…… if and when One wonders! A collection of original metal prints Aluminium, & Steel – made to aid laser cut and original clear polyester resin, cardboard and ( the wax pellets were  from Scotland)


i have original pdf

Thanks Roger L SSL  it was not you or plug-in that stopped me functioning,  it was everything else. I remember seeing the first ad on my site. Shame time went backwards.  Who would you trust now?

complianze- now thats an interesting idea its uploaded nevertheless. The app is fine it’s the information other than my name is the issue. done my best, (terms?)  Mi lu vu bad®

on a walk to get some vices i saw a drained canal and saw fixing the wall, i was reminded of the last time i was away when my mind drifted to power generating devices( mis use of word turbine!!)  in major waterways it was inspired by water flow down from a mountain  – out of this world unless you are ……… don’t sue me it was an original concept / non existent patent at the time.(2016)  Now thats an idea!!! Looking forward to the additive mindset webinar. Great webinar as usual, my questions out of place!

Find a job

Save and Upgrade – Trade in your old Ultimaker

for other email but need not explain to ASME- A part of me wants to say ‘On point!) as usual

Only one sim/ network works in either compartment or phone now. It’s the one I called you on! Doing the best I can. Removed image as when I switch off phone my sim is no longer valid or viable without doing anything after confirming number with my bank no less! Same day as new photo on page I hear you they don’t hear me. Polling day

I have proposed to too many women  on mobile phone networks it’s mad. However this guy genuinely made me laugh!  My sims have device anxiety i thought it was the phone who knows anymore.

I have found that through the lockdown period probably before the contents of many songs feature what I have tried to convey shame is what was real seems to have been treated like the symptoms of a hysterical structure. Analysis aside the phone number is the app is also now unreal,  it was like the main number i had in service for at least two years. At least I won’t get dodgy messages and the like. The simple phone call received by DocuSign yesterday cut out mid conversation it was not a surprise to me that it occurred either!

In a recent podcast from carpenters additive reflected the historic nature of printer developments, Saying nothing.

Pritti can you help me with my accounts? Listened- data on that sim number is finished now. Guess Not

The thunder storm

clearer view although i think its closer to 100g

lost my YouTube playlist in copying this but had to share,  think i may need another domain now if i stick to original plan, seems unlikely. 
Bless, got the jab, helped a woman and had to hang up on one too. Oh Sonia i wish we spoke longer the old  Sim works again but it’s not getting topped up!

I removed image as when I happened to see site on another screen the header video was playing didn’t know that. When it was posited that it was a shape for all it was duly dismissed, left me somewhat desperate in more ways than one.