The metal ones

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Thanks Imaginarium for easter email message, No i was alone and away from family and yes can believe you have 3d printed easter eggs!


printed 2019- despite the metadata of this blurred image………………………………………
as yet unpaid why… Universal credit. Thanks the lot of you. What a new number?  remembered it first time just give me time   if only everything was ……. I wonder if i work for 02 now?


I can tell you where 3 years so far have got me!!

The slow descent while listening -not sure how long i can go on

What happened last night 25/5/2021?
Something made me once again wipe my iPhone cant say why exactly,  all i know before i did it simple actions caused a strange jittering effect where smooth effects were there beforehand. Also my new o2 sim worked-07542800503 (try it took me a while to remember it) Anyway now wiped iCloud doesn’t have my passwords, all that was backed and synced were things like game centre and such, like i am playing games and sim now not working after  ios 14.6 Update. Hence why the logo changed as when i finally got chance to bypass the digital hurdles to login in i took a shot of the two apple id photos and devices on nokia replacement up loaded to gmail company email to download on pc to upload to here! Youtube gone all funny too. Got into my standard mail just, with no working sims in same device. Lost the slack app… too  Did i just dream up an existence or what? Am i the only one who can claim to have sims that work long enough to receive text messages and dodgy spam messages(01180285135-Sat 12 jun ) then just stop being valid on returning call

the light got me on this grey solstice ’21

i sent a message to …….. but what would it say?  no offence but worried again.!

Do your phones have sim envy mine do and their unlocked. Took his on that invalid sim iPhone on front page today, while listening to a youtube mix playlist not mine but who’s? i know not so many songs are all shared, i miss ……….. you but have never met you, how can that be?

Phone tethered with online access, no sim but yet has a sim in and still can’t see it in my finder. How can that be but is, thats a new one!

so is this!


All prints and numbers were/still valid and correct at the time of production