Not so Past tales
The metal ones

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Thanks Imaginarium for easter email message, No i was alone and away from family and yes can believe you have 3d printed easter eggs!

I would have added you to my Facebook but it now does not want to recognise my email alas

The thing about the fireplace is not about flash and expense it was Westminster 200 year oak discarded Columbia Rd junk and a grate bought from brick lane store all came to form in 10 days if I remember correctly including drying after the grate was sandblasted.

then came things I had no understanding of and I can only take pictures. No dissing but don’t take the…:::

had my two grey metal hooped prints hanging from this magnet at one time

Tool was only called prototype the cardboard version were done with cardboard tool to make the job easier-(have you tried?), so the hole is additional which could have more if i was thinking outside of what i created now everyone wants to focused what already been created hello, It did not create itself believe it or not.

Got all its points nevertheless-resin cast 2021- like treacle  i know could have said something else
printed 2019- despite the metadata of this blurred image………………………………………

The slow descent while listening -not sure how long i can go on