I hear you- they don’t hear me

Plus data allowance and privacy  vs battery and saying nothing, could have got use to the view been locked up a bit too long!


i did not get to listen to much past this screengrab just to prove a point which likely didnt work either! If you got here indirectly it could be because of black steel

Always liked this song

only proof at this current time- Saying Nothing -Guess it stays with you too-(checked last night email account doesn’t exist, well that was for fusion iPhone app guess that might make sense reason why this pic was posted was because after i had updated the program on mac it stopped working, Made a mockery of having had a ForwardAM gift. Alas

I was invited to the closing lecture- it would be on twitter but seems to be an error on signing back in now?

Michigan eh?. Although i’ve been seeing 5mins for AMforum welcome presentation with Debbie for last half hour, got access to on demand though. I do know anymore, not for the first time i have bared my everything almost now i can join the welcome silly network is just scrolling