Actual Virtual Reality

Photo taken Saturday 7th 2020 First time card printed in 2d (22 aug 18) before the two prints of custom aluminium hexatrigons . The card had the first and only 2d printout of the model, from right to left Sculpteo/ Materialise 2018








The doubts of some (at one stage even me) and the reality of others. The images work from right to left in terms of time, and from virtual to real objects, brought to you via the tools, skills and companies of Additive Manufacturing  plus some ‘ blue sky thinking models’ . On the journey there was some real doubts as to whether what is pictured was actually possible because all 3d printing especially in metal need to be supported or have supports which allow for the setting or cooling of materials at different stages of the job. That obviously need to be repaired or removed.

For this unless you have a printer of your own those background tasks are not visible. Safe to say this was overcome and why I respect those whom I do not necessarily know and whose efforts even within the same company don’t know each other  but from the outset made me at least recognise what has been done for the model  irrespective of where they were from with best wishes to them all for what has been done and what will be done in the future all being well. and of course many thanks.  As it seem that you guys are the only ones that gave me credit and have the experience as I could not  do nothing without you. Both

Was A matter of fact- 

This material below was the suggestion made after the first requests were made..

Alumide natural  print looks like the registered design  picture- light grey

Two screws and my fireplace is gone, however between the linking of domains and Brexit. Now covid19! I’m done, proving.( it never dawned on me, about the words ‘ back to the f……) Apologies!, I have  I have 5 cards left of the other if that proves anything.



Coincidence or fate? 

This below image is the same model as the one that was in the viewer, but viewed in an alternative viewer which relates to the productional stage of 3d model in viewer. Make special note of the percentage/ scale. I will see what i actually get and will not question one thing. It showed 0.01% that is the printed size


( a lesson learnt )

This page i have altered before, not to avoid the truth more to try to keep it factual. It is quite difficult to represent in image that what is protected as a real object but not with the planes.

And the model. above having some display problems with the colour, for multicolour 3d printing, which don’t have the same reference without it. But following suite i post these mistakes to inform / document.

Late Addition

It has been some time since I spoke about  this scale issue and to keep in suit with mistakes what I thought the print would look like from the model and the image proved to be INCORRECT. Although corrected or rather doubted and altered, it can be done just not as seen above are multicolour prints I received, The model/ print in question was all red in the end.

In regards to the multicoloured prints they do  exist. Also as to why the solid shape is only depicted as photographs,  (except for what is in a 3d viewer) is because until they were uploaded then produced / delivered they were virtual).

Screenshot of a Corona virus lockdown creation. in an external viewing platform now removed! viewing from bottom.



However as a new creation it has yet to manifest and there are flexible materials available to 3d print (.to the unbelievers)

Someone took my first sawdust and glue encased resin one like the tenable ones! (not its name by the way)



nTopology & Formlabs webinar( click for one page of pdf) contact Formlabs for a sample part!
again saying nothing

Titanium- new photograph 2021

The reason why I have these spheres in the viewer is because all prints that were multi /coloured (including the ones with this arrangement of spheres) happened,  around the same time IN summer 2019. (i.materialise) & 3DprintUK

Thanks also to BASF for the opportunity to apply! I had not seen that video in a while either!  After the 2d prints, videos went out the window so to speak!

Blue Sky Thinking


This  picture which was the first taken of this printed model, it was once hosted on this site but now is on the other.  Both designs were valid at the time. Shame of consequences  when In my eyes they could have both existed in the same space without issue, like the other design which again…. I could hesitate to guess why some didn’t want the card (seen on about) but the words were quite self evident. Yet there is wonder why I went to geometry only to find I am not an engineer so I must not be capable of understanding, my truth while accepting the norm which produced it anyway.

I’m broke not mad thanks.still in my solitary bubble

Wind Tunnel webinar  even mentioned what was under wraps, again it was not that secret. It was a process applied to my last print because the original……. steel …..

While i do not doubt how much rockets and such uses 3D printing and would not discredit it- If by chance the world of non believing scientists and other educators in the know would want a slice of that space faring applications for themselves from me now , they would need pay upfront, and hope my accounts /email  is still valid while I aim to keep informed thanks formnext,

Back to ……

saying nothing 

Original grey with 2d version of blue sky thinking you might even see a seal in the cardboard. (Conspiracy)

Nice computation / physics. video best explanation of what I have heard since covid-19 .R.I.

Fancy a metal one? I never tested those frame ones for strength- legitimate reasons

Balanced-(past tense) 100g +-0.? maybe that was my missing prints (one hopes in good action for me)

If your expecting any more serious work from this device you are sorely mistaken. I’m out!

leave a message, don’t text when this data is done with sim  it’s done!

Computer didn’t want to upload  photo while universal credit want to prove my income having a joke speak to Formlabs or anyone else I mentioned.

To those who want to pose questions remotely to ask ‘what it is? the reply is real! Either way

Thanks Aner –  currently indisposed

missed yesterdays GE Wednesday webinar- it was M line just watched it, to see you should know the drill

As for the hydrogen inspired multi coloured Plane/face mould model with part logo pic( without lips)  on “been here before……”. i mentioned it in recent chat and if its’ problematic they will let me know via business iMessage chat on mac actually never done before with them, at least even apple said the iPhone issue seemed strange. I said nothing.

Have you ever been on a call where the commercial vendor puts you on hold then as you confirm you will hold the phone not only remains silent but the sim that was making the call when one looks at the phone no longer reads the sim and is as phone states sim slot empty? It just happened to me again on different phone. Any wonder why …………………….. i have had enough on……………… and owe them too.

Teton Software Webinar

i looked a remote marketing just in case but erased most of my online presence

 Markforged are at Silverstone on 23rd i think- imagine i can’t afford to go but if i uploaded a model it could be printed there well anywhere i suppose? proper stroky beard!

what the heck-quite liked seeing this again

Ge(e)wiz Now AMP has new meaning,