Been Here before

Although not since Brexit

Background image is the medical grade/ food safe DSM Somos® watershed clear XC11122 SLA 3d print 2019 Not the Sorta clear®️Series food safe self casted silicone mould or the food safe silicone mould casts from 4D Modelshop

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Digital watermarked Model is the model in the 3d viewer, the print out with velvet ochre flocking seen on although it is quite small in the background of photo that says Additive Manufactured! /

Or page with same name here where I posted the model with a 3D logo from

P.s. To all previous contributors/ resources/customers/ viewers – I may be able to recover my site whether possible or not many thanks. Feel free to make contact nevertheless. IZettle still works

Note there is now confirmation of a backup . However …..

I have no sponsor like these like those seen on my last email from ASME