A material world

The featured image is a mixture of imagery that is past and present . The manner to make it something more tangible is matter.

See your world , meet mine here on this page.

Your perfect canvas

Custom prints of badges

Apple Photo printing service/ no longer:-(

Fabric prints

Straight off the 4d modelshop/ 3D printing press supports removed.
Food-safe Platinum silicone rubber tainted by polyester clear resin casts

4DModelshop supplies also cast in white and single white mould


I materialise Aluminium





Alumide -Asphalt Black print  I.materialise

Registered design although there is  a cardboard one like the one on TV that is where it started.

maybe too small to make out but only one way to find out, any new black/white single colour nylon prints are from 3DPRINTUK

SLS polyamide velvet ochre (flocking) print with a hoop. Imaterialise 2019

The post concerning this model got lost from this site, see a post on-www.trojanthinking.wordpress.com

3D printed Silver-Satin Finish (transitions) i.materialise

Protolabs DSLM Maraging Steel with hoop-As seen above High Resolution Print Jun 2020

void (oct 19) is from steel print-(polished black) – This print is Performance SS 316L Finish Glass Bead Blasted (Satin) , Corundum-Blasted (Matte) (B) See spot the difference post.

Custom print with hoop cast in clear series®️platinum silicone. Sourced from benam.co.uk

Thanks, Michelle, for the recommendation.

Steel 2 recreated ( Nylon SLS) made in UK last print of sept 2019 and the decade.. 3DPRINTUK many thanks!!

Digitally watermarked model, . Printable in other materials, as original model was digitally lost through hdd failure, again! That was titled 30mm …… 4 steel...(as seen on Prints- closer Up) which the  manufacturer has for reprints!,  maybe I should have gone for the gold plated option on their platform. However if I did I would have never had the model or print.


Screenshot from Techsil  Feb20th 2020 where will receive a replacement uv resistant matte varnish spray to replace & snap and sprayer to safeguard it happening again!
Broken hoop mentioned  in ‘today’ on www.trojanthinking.wordpress.com also one of the green ones! Which has it’s own hoop story, broken in a different place I might add. (I glued them both the green and red 6th April 2020
Made with Same silicone mould as above Used for  different purpose. (Click picture for a story told elsewhere.)

Although not strictly speaking material!!! I did discover at the ASME Medical virtual summit there was mention of ‘women in 3D printing’ and I went to the site. Would love to put a link somewhere just give me the nod. But with this  sites’ association from it’s start which I cannot deny I would need some help!