Actual Virtual Realities


On the right the model is in a slicer program (pre print) middle is First Aluminium print, to the left the second Aluminium print. I have decency not to show the problems attached to these prints)  believe it or not

The doubts of some (at one stage even me) and the reality of others. The images work from right to left in terms of time, and from virtual to real objects, brought to you via the tools, skills and companies of Additive Manufacturing  plus some ‘ blue sky thinking models’ . On the journey there was some real doubts as to whether what is pictured was actually possible because all 3d printing especially in metal need to be supported or have supports which allow for the setting or cooling of materials at different stages of the job. That obviously need to be removed!

For this unless you have a printer of your own those background tasks are not visible. Safe to say this was overcome and why I respect those whom I do not necessarily know and whose efforts even within the same company don’t know each other  but from the outset made me at least recognise what has been done for the model  irrespective of where they were from with best wishes to them all for what has been done and what will be done in the future all being well. and of course many thanks.

Aluminium on brass ale pump bracket (lost the pump) , photographed from above.  forgive me!
Screenshot 2020-01-24 at 12.10.58
google search screenshot

Those who will handle a hexatrigon could count them and  confirm the equation for themselves if at all interested.

Coincidence or fate? 

This below image is the same model as the one in the viewer, but viewed in an alternative viewer which relates to the productional stage of 3d model in viewer. Make special note of the percentage/ scale. I will see what i actually get and will not question one thing.

The models that relate to scale are above.

 This a 3d viewer click to stop rotation and zoom in for closer view.

This page i have altered before, not to avoid the truth more to try to keep it factual. It is quite difficult to represent in image that what is protected as a real object but not with the planes.

And the model. above having some display problems with the colour, for multicolour 3d printing, which don’t have the same reference without it. But following suite i post these mistakes to inform / document.

Late Addition

it has been some time since I spoke about  this scale issue and to keep in suit with mistakes what I thought the print would look like from the model and the image proved to be INCORRECT. Although corrected or rather doubted and altered, it can be done just not as seen above. See Multicolour 3D prints arranged to mimic the image  September 2019 as background image in 3D viewer. Which are multicolour prints I received, worts and all. The model print in question was all red in the end.


This image closely resembles the missing post  from this site which was before I saw the multicolour prints. The hoop designates the timescale also.. That missing post happened due to restore that needed to be done less said! (something to do with Mass or light if I remember rightly) Model downloaded when internal ssd / iPhone failed !