Additive manufactured/ materials up close

1st. Nylon Sculpteo

image 307-1

Mixed manufacturers & processes  registered designs

what’s missing and the role it plays, Especially if One did not go through the experience for ….?

Pi in blue sky
Revised sized Custom Aluminium Hexatrigon print


Still in states than one


first and only printout in Titanium -Satin finish
First sphere free bar version Aluminium printed Hexatrigon details below


Matter of fact 2


Unique ornamentation of a different kind at this moment in time.

Rows, both safe & food safe.

Polyamide rows I. Materialise
Watershed XC
SLA- Somos®️Watershed clear resin Rows food safe

The transition of Mi Luv Yu Bad® with solid shape -Silver print via additive  manufacturing – high gloss, with hoop   I.materialise, before ornamentation (classification)  yet after trade registration

Registered design in mixed materials and manufacturers tessellated to form a hexagon
white braille scale
Another geometric construction in background up north

These first UK Nylon Selective Laser Sintering custom prints may be too small to make out, but only one way to know for certain. For the 3d colour models/variants see, black, white and grey interactive models, created for my first multicolour prints.



Broken hoop (to show diameter of hoop) and digital watermarked models printed.


CAD to stl

TCT / Closer than you think

HP  Multijet trade-in –


5 things manufacturers didn’t know

Made possible via

rocket science

incremental engineering

Click like videos- along with CNC / additive manufacturing  services

Building bridges

Also why learning is so important and not just about me wandering blindly.

Yet has been around for 30 years 


Only if necessary for further prints