A material world

The featured image is a mixture of imagery that is past and present . The manner to make it something more tangible was matter.

See your world , meet mine here on this page.

Custom prints of badges

Fabric prints

Carbon base and life forms

Apple Photo printing service/ no longer:-(

Straight off the 3D printing press supports removed.

4DModel supplies




Alumide -Asphalt Black print  I.materialise
maybe too small to make out but only one way to find out
maybe too small to make out but only one way to find out

any new black/white single colour nylon prints are from 3DPRINTUK


SLS polyamide velvet ochre (flocking) print with a hoop on felt heart postcard. The post concerning this model got lost from this site, see a post on-www.trojanthinking.wordpress.com

printed Silver (transition) i.materialise

My silicone valleys & 2nd run

Custom print with hoop cast in clear series®️platinum silicone. Sourced from benam.co.uk

Pre digital watermark work out the mi luv yu bad®️For yourself 

Now digitally watermarked see title, printable in other materials, as first model was lost through hdd failure, again!