In my pursuit to focus on my work in keeping with. Love is not being shown any where in the world that has not already benefited from it long running institutions. (Politics)

What that love is, is anyone’s guess. Sharing it?? Having a laugh.

Even the luv via 3D has its problems. Some models printed can not be as pictured without the shape in its current forms.

Irony is it was the shape that was important to me at least.  Maybe because it was just words it became a little fragile to print at the size/ material already produced. Not to mention long running hardware issues…..

I have not be able to collect what is already produced and is just imagery online.

Will the images / the idea be more informative that the object it’s self?


3d Interactive Love is Blind….variant

This model is interactive.

Blind to these facts on …

This site has been the kernel for many things to begin to manifest. Admittedly not many of them made it to the market, but at the very least they left the domain of imagination.

The original theme was more about connection and union of ideals. Or at least the acknowledgement of differences, and not as anything new!

On attempting to bring some colour into the Braille condition. Led to situation when another printing job I raised was cancelled, at my request I might add. On the basis of what thought I uploaded was as is.

That was not the case. What I was informed was one file looked like it was grey. Which if I am honest ironically makes more sense. I am yet to find out which one it was, But it was printable I must state.

My perspective was on one giving to another, However who would notice or recognise the difference and who could read it?( I am no expert either!!!)

Due to certain complications the image relating to this topic I am speaking of is unusable. But all that is different from this image is that the (Braille) is the colour of the lips, but has no lips!! Plus the orientation automatically changed!!


Keep posted for advances one way or another for better or worse.

Update! I found out which one it was and I really should have remembered but somehow I must have done without realising No need to explain this one any further,

I said so, didn’t I

I mentioned in an earlier post that I felt a material symptom coming on,  I think it was planet conscious

I  have not succumbed to it unnecessarily it has been for a reason. This time it was to see the made to aid in more than the image that was registered.

It may have some faults but will not know until I try. Keep posted to see the image turn into a photo of a custom 3D print

i wonder of the one file will actually be six individual pieces?

time will tell

Ps. Time did tell, the print was cancelled due to grouped objects in file, i did however did have the shape as a pendant like file with a hoop also but resisted to raised that job!!!!! Must keep this material thing in check.