Full circle it seems

I recently pressed custom red lips on a printed model which came out well. I placed it on a press which I did right at the beginning of my material journey. It was on carbon fibre it was bought online. It was was a heart in fact it had several. which due to the background came of in regards the image left on paper but was very difficult to see. If I remember correctly it may have been one of the last times I went to see the printers. Which now has become a coffee shop. The material was encased in resin which made it possible. You might be able to pick it out of the background. Other images may be found of the original on trojanthinking.wordpress.com

just to think of how this image came into being crosses not only years of experience,  theory, practice, language, meaning. Borders.

Its less than a day old. (Image that is)

This got what could be directed

Sods law and the spray tip of a can varnish that has another import tax story. Says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

sublimation as art

These are not realy art, and the tile is lost but it is making the most out of things gone wrong.  Which you could call art if you want. I quite like the first heart and the last face it has what screen printing could not offer me without much trouble which is the variation of red in the heart that resembled the photograph from which it was based.  I will at some stage prepare a proper 3d print to take the One Luv heart and hope for better. As can be seen on other pages the face came off well in the end, so should the rest if they can fit. Similar position to the badge in that respect, funny


A very competent payment system has been finally been in place for some time now. Due to several attempts to put in place a working system that worked for me on this platform, over the last 3+ years this one worked.

Unfortunately this has not made a blind bit of difference in regards to purchases.

I managed to amend the payment method not because it was not valid more because after speaking with a member of my business bank and finding what I experienced since the very first grey print was not put into any doubt. The fact that this site started with some lips its a shame that after all this time figuratively speaking I was on the same page. Too little too late? it might be a one off, well that was the subscription anyway and auto renew is now off.

In addition to seeking clarification on whether my braille model was readable at a eye clinic I was referred to the library.  I think i may have to call it a day. Printing is not like it just to be for me anyway.

Then I received a missed call after the bank call the phone did not ring yet on returning the missed call my number was verified was the message, with what/whom?


Not to mention malicious login attempts on this very site over the lifetime of its online presence . See Updated on trojanthinking.wordpress.com

I think the figure has risen since I took that screenshot over the weekend! by 200 no less, maybe something is working after all!