Conflicts of interests

In my quest of creating, some positions I personally appreciate,  are not wholly shared. Without wanting to cause anymore division than that, that is already present in the once united? kingdom.

My alienating position is that not everything that means something can represent completely, without question. So my imagery as genuine as i attempted to represent it may well be too fantastical or altruistic, in contrast to ideals/beliefs of old. The categories once ascribed may be changing genders  but still revel in the prejudices of old. It could be that i am a little impatient or just don’t follow the mob mentality as acts of disagreement only lead to same functions of violence in practice.

Maybe nothing truly meaningful has ever been shared without some friction. Or maybe the changes of the times wants the view on individuality be akin to the estranged/ alienated or deluded to validate a gloomier past with rose tinted spectacles. Not recognising the dark domain of the future meaning outer space, has more dark matter than light. And how if at all that universe relates to our own, with or without aliens to disrupt the protocol.   Conflicts of the dark continent are still livings the affects of the enlightment.

If “they” do not  have the  answers who does?  Not Me, Mi or You, Yu.

I do love my own creations of non friction/ non fiction 3D forms, badly, even possibly completely.  Maybe I am being selfish and savagely ignorant.

United in difference.


Created/ produced in UK and in EU with aspirations 

When this started

The position of polar opposites is nothing new. When Freud was speaking by letters with Einstein. In regards to what / who had the more precise position on explaining Mankind in the world. Neither could make any contribution  to the other in professional terms.

Both however had reason to look at what occurred in the past in order to formulate their doctrines which in one way or another had impacted on the world.

The look and how it is documented has meaning. Trouble with that is what is not pleasing finds a way to avoid that signifing structure that documents the laws of its construction.

Is there a coincidence that an atom at a quantum level and the unconscious at the level of the signifier find recognition that only seem to meet the eye in a particular setting / position.

The contributions of both positions have in one way or another influenced things that had been outside of the field of observation of that knowledge base.

The I that everyone is taught to understand oneself which is mirrored, through a particular understanding has a message which is at the very least is supposed to know that one eye has a barred structure / perspective beyond the organic matter of what is in the scope of its observation.

To recognise the symptoms of repression/signification (past) should inform the present.

Black the darkness from one perspective, White the light from another, to speak for all perspectives, subjects  or just their own,  I think not.

The economy of socialist spoke for people from the top down, The economy of capitalist spoke for people from the top down. The common denominator is people and what that oneself (I) sees in who they govern. Fit for chains or fit for the ovens should not be the model / goals of a progressive thinking world

The fear of the other predeterminined by the polar opposite saw in the past  people leave what we called the EU on the Mayflower and The Empires on the ships fuelled by the coffee shops. That big Other of language that led to those attrocities  had Romanic goals/ languages that had its own problems which is a problem of all Empires East or West that crossed the Deserts to find trade or belief.

How far should my experience / knowledge go back? lived or not.  or attempt to look forward to Hexatrigons. Not to mentioned the efforts to respect those that died to give some freedoms gained.

My ‘echoes of love’ badge

Echoes of Love

(not for retail) in which I tried to express that the space which the flag took was originally blank so what would be seen as white, it could also  symbolise the original colour of the poppy and the red symbolise the stain left by the blood that was spilt. Or other flags which contributed to the effort could replace the original, misguided in legal terms unknown and admitted at the time yet the sentiment remains for the appropriate authorities to…


What it takes..

I have used methods of production from assumption on what I believed was the way it should or could be done. This was either a move in ignorance or englightenment that is not a decision I can make. However the cost for new technologiy means that cost and retail are often not in par. It somehow makes one startled to see what I have paid and presented especially via Metal 3D printing, nevermind what the prices I was quoted for the same thing. That must have a reason I will no longer ignore. Just to say many percent plus difference, which by account may or may not equate to quality possibly a finish or material or clientelle?

My models are with those companies I have use and they are not public as yet.

Locality and knowledge has value which is subjective like most things, the role of structure/ infastructure however has a much larger outlook. Which I would be foolish to ignore. National thinking seems to have regional ignorance except with global players

Casts are not original that is why they are called reproductions.

Market price for what I have foolishly made pubic in order to satisfy my own peace of mind, from working in isolation will now be adjusted accordingly cannot speak of quality of reproduction. As that has not yet happened.

I have used very repuatble companies in order to place custom images and prints upon this site. Which those who  have not understood the perspective i was coming from and the benefits it entailed may now be like me at a loss in this guise.

The limb of the branch has broken, Just because the way something is done is different is not always a hindrence when what has occured before  was or is seen as a step on the progressive path and its the driving force. One anything can try as it might but can not be more unless its diluted/divided/ etc Love well that something else we try in ……..

Has the outlook formed via hexatrigon changed my outlook somewhat yes.

Is that it is more hexagonal than triangular?

Custom Aluminium 3D print, who remembers this custom lips


Or more triangular than hexagonal?

Custom versions of  metal 3D prints


Although the internal space formed by its geometry is still an unchartered domain where those more practical discoveries that are yet to be made or realised.


The platform used to create the products and images seen on this domain were created on a mac. This is not about status or critique on other platforms. Since creating Hexatrigon it has become more of an issue that the platform is less compatible for engineering / CAD production. Or more precisely the shape

The understanding of manufacturing infrastructure depends on earlier developments so that dynamic makes sense. However even though costs can overcome this problem that is not something that will immediately change. However  I do not believe the shape would exist, in such platforms, as the 3D form would not ‘close’, and not made up with other polygonal forms.

The custom 3d model on this card had productions issues at the size of sphere version

Does that mean it should not exist?

It clearly does, and follows the principles of regular polyhedra.

The creation of the solid digital model that produced the model I call hexatrigon was exported as .stl. Further reading on the field that this format inhabits was as new as the creation was for me. More research on the infrastructure of the technology has me recognising the new dynamics and not just for me.

The UK is the base from which I create and from a extremely insulated position, that is displayed on this domain. The limited exposure to the market was largely subjectively, protection based in the sense of ownership, not with the ear to its global movements. Coincidence has happened in the sense that links and references placed on this domain are part of the same movement but isolated. Not being part of the larger thinking and not recognising the current infrastructure as the immediate target for the use of additive manufacture.  Hexatrigon would not exist or be  distributable without it. The experiences of Heaxtrigons’ digital production has been a steep learning curve, which has been at cutting edge driven by a singular obsession of making it real. If the difference in the metal frame models of its form with or without spheres on its vertices (that image of problem is not my property ) not its materials is limited by production limitation governed by their programming it was not a conscious disruptive move.

However it is a product of the technology that produces the best  representations in terms of precision of its form.

Custom (3D) printing / Additive Manufacturing.

Once upon a time these custom prints had more meaning

The method that governed my thinking in order best satisfy my how many different ways to put designs upon a material. It led to a presumptions on the part of the observers and presents mistakes I had yet to acknowledge in production which in this days of religious, racial, gender, political times. Things that would cause real concern yesterdays become tomorrows folly.

images plus design marks upon Brushed twill

Edges and how they relate to points  mean more now.

Love this… hexatrigon through and through!

Looks far better than match sticks
ribbon in the sky plus hexatrigon

Since the beginning of this particular 3d modeling/ creating journey it has always surprised me how easy it seems the same file can be multifaceted in terms of potential outputs.

The same file opened in a different program this skeleton frame hexatrigon becomes a tangible as the green in this above photograph has rights. Although not as green minded depending the choice of printed material.

This Love can not be just for you

custom prints which has custom green Lips

As flags are something people can feel particularly fond of, when difference manifests under certain situations it can cause offence. As  I have in my IP portfolio a use for flags in such a way as not to cause concern or offence . I have largely concerned myself with what I have encountered here in the Uk through an experience of What is British?

Not too sure how Brexit will take the Uk  in relation to the rest of the world but I hope to make the best out of what i have whatever happens…… Every past has a future even if is in decline

It is a start