When I least expected it

Actual virtually reality. I know I should expect the technology but something about this took hold of me. Wondering even if the post title needs to be a page that has nothing to do with me.  Never saw that one coming I guess there will be others. Neither print or image moving yet not film, tv etc.  

I know of it as well I was a Trekkie and Star Wars-er. Am I denying my past for an unknown future in ignorance?

also must say it was an ad on this site!

Virtual realities beyond printing that left an impression

Thank you

I have printed my refocused efforts in NYLON, cast in polyester. The intermediate processes involved much of what I have spoken of on this domain and www.trojanthinking.wordpress.com

The transitions was, not just the words that was a process which was also printed.

The original concept before when lips or hearts were its attachments allowed for in its basic structure visual orientations. I have had some difficulties traversing this grey area in regard to product classifications and such.

If an opening in the purposeful additions determine one purpose alone where / how would you choose put it to use?

3d Interactive Love is Blind….variant 2

This model is interactive.

This regular Polyhedron had planes before I exported it, insights welcome!

This post is not to criticize anything or anyone. Since I created the digital versions of Heaxtrigon- the polyhedron. I have noticed that some planes when seen in any personal viewer used are missing, this has been from the very start.  I know it does not hinder the printout.

It could be due to the nature of the shape and the basic equal segments of a drawn hexagon when divided. But without a professional, I will speak of this no more. If it was not for my lack of knowledge in this field I would have never brought it up. Do you think I need to say anything more on the net in regards this?

See no……


3d Interactive Love is Blind….variant

This model is interactive.

I said so, didn’t I

I mentioned in an earlier post that I felt a material symptom coming on,  I think it was planet conscious

I  have not succumbed to it unnecessarily it has been for a reason. This time it was to see the made to aid in more than the image that was registered.

It may have some faults but will not know until I try. Keep posted to see the image turn into a photo of a custom 3D print

i wonder of the one file will actually be six individual pieces?

time will tell

Ps. Time did tell, the print was cancelled due to grouped objects in file, i did however did have the shape as a pendant like file with a hoop also but resisted to raised that job!!!!! Must keep this material thing in check.

Life forms

i used a custom printed card as the symbol of transition to Hexatrigon. On it, it said something that at the time I thought was common knowledge even if it was misunderstood.

Not to dwell, this post harks back to that premise only now for blue sky thinking in reverse as it stands calls for a more silicone base. That is in order to bring life in a sense to multiple forms of the shape.

I suppose resin, rubber, wax, plaster, concrete, sand etc could also do just as good although the purpose would be different…:

Bubbly and not so bubbly (not intentional)!

I don’t think any silicon based life forms are about yet?

Planet Conscious?


Again plodding along with advance in hexatrigon (the shape) taking steps on a path yet unknown and material mania is a symptom in the making.

What if what I am doing contradicts my ideals? Almost wanting to rewrite my own preliminary digital history,

Am I harming the planet? I once used to say that the planet will survive it’s the inhabitants that would be limited.

Have you seen the instantaneous freezing of water from boiling in a vacuum!? Wow it does take some time but the speed of transition is alarming.

Now outer space is a vacuum. Earth has the oxygen.

Are holes still in the ozone layer? Or are fumes just clogging up the atmosphere?

Earth will probably still make it, question is:- who will be around to see it?

What have I or eye, started……? Time shall tell