A very competent payment system has been finally been in place for some time now. Due to several attempts to put in place a working system that worked for me on this platform, over the last 3+ years this one worked.

Unfortunately this has not made a blind bit of difference in regards to purchases.

I managed to amend the payment method not because it was not valid more because after speaking with a member of my business bank and finding what I experienced since the very first grey print was not put into any doubt. The fact that this site started with some lips its a shame that after all this time figuratively speaking I was on the same page. Too little too late? it might be a one off, well that was the subscription anyway and auto renew is now off.

In addition to seeking clarification on whether my braille model was readable at a eye clinic I was referred to the library.  I think i may have to call it a day. Printing is not like it just to be for me anyway.

Then I received a missed call after the bank call the phone did not ring yet on returning the missed call my number was verified was the message, with what/whom?


Not to mention malicious login attempts on this very site over the lifetime of its online presence . See Updated on trojanthinking.wordpress.com

I think the figure has risen since I took that screenshot over the weekend! by 200 no less, maybe something is working after all!

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