Love this… experience down a Blind Alley

The “I ” in or of experience is a concept that coined to try an convey a relationship between the visual / image based domain i work with and the verbal/non visual world that my knowledge based has its structure.

As most events one must go through have a experience attached, the way one communicates that position must also be relevant. Including if the experience is shared because there then is a dynamic that is unseen to all yet share the same space in time.


The blind alley alluded to in the title is one which has at its heart an acknowledgement of a a position different to the ‘norm’ where the path is not easily shown and calls for a different means of communication.

The lines in the image show a visual path through language.

Although the blind can not read as clearly as the sighted they have way to communicate.

Love this… custom lips + “I Love You” IN BRAILLE . This is an image only no prints.

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