Mi Luv Yu Bad and its various manifestations

The journey of mi luv yu bad has never been without some imagery which is of my doing, that was a result of the badge you see below. It has had different imagery and associations due to my internal and external influences. I can not disregard the conditions that is a result of Brexit with my disorientations. What was not outwardly expressed by myself was that in order to protect its outward-looking appearance, images were not necessary. What was and always has been required was the ability to read even if the words were not easy to read. When the words are spoken is an entirely another matter.



spreading some love
Custom Graphical print “M Luv Yu Bad’ blank birthday card
spreading some love for Rastafarian culture

in a fit of frustration, the One Luv Heart card design marks unregistered which i still possess have a hand-drawn ®, That does not in any way devalue the ones bought in good faith in any way, keep the faith! They may well be the only ones to retail and you will already have them Nuff Respect Bless Up…

custom prints which has custom green Lips
The only tile i still possess with a design mark

Not wholly to distinguish its interpretations but to draw more attention to its ( the trademarks) structure.  The geometries and perspective became my focus and outlook, which I felt was less likely to fall into the gap of misinterpretation.

That was not to be and also problematic yet for me at least had merit enough of it to seek validation through the very means of the process of its production which although disruptive is beneficial. Notice the i of Mi Luv Yu Bad with the smallest 3d manifestation of hexatrigon to date, that will not be on all versions of it.


Custom silver 3d Prints Satin and Gloss finishes

It has come to my attention that the links for contact revert back to this domain, that was not the case in earlier versions, that could be due to subsequent upgrades to the site.

emails provided here and contacts are still valid, thanks in advance!

content and imagery are updated quite often.

Below is image only for want of your custom