It was those circles edging on sacred

It was the cross over of purpose that led to me adopt this as a tool. It was only by this method that some imagery I had seen in several places came into being. I was aiming at three hexagons with adjoining edge on two sides. It did alter my comprehension of many things that have structure at its heart. Where faith comes in, in the future not forgetting more less faith based privileges. I mention this as like many other things it  has had an influence.

closest reference to one of the registered tools guide lines  are on the other side so would the holes be.


I now know who should have had the second card

Due to my excitement of opening my deliveries from abroad. It was not until I looked a little closer at the packaging and I examined nearly every one. And noticed a name. Ok he may not be correct recipient in regards to the manner that I wanted the card to be given. As mentioned earlier it never happened but delayed thanks to a BART Darius logistics

I don’t think the stamps I bought would have been correct anyway. They went missing… less said airmail might be ones

I suppose I could create a dud print and send it back with the card. Must stress that has never actually happened.! Thanks

When I least expected it

Actual virtually reality. I know I should expect the technology but something about this took hold of me. Wondering even if the post title needs to be a page that has nothing to do with me.  Never saw that one coming I guess there will be others. Neither print or image moving yet not film, tv etc.  

I know of it as well I was a Trekkie and Star Wars-er. Am I denying my past for an unknown future in ignorance?

also must say it was an ad on this site!

Virtual realities beyond printing that left an impression

Remember those there….

All natural Beeswax candles I Suppose the questions out on how green is food safe silicone…

I have heard of silicone candle holders although on amazon they seem to be currently unavailable. Maybe they know something I don’t. Maybe the can be made in ceramic instead?…

Like most of what I once had use of the company I bought the wax from based in Scotland went under. Was thinking of the Uk back then may no longer Be applicable….

love and……



Not for manufacture viewing only

Post trying to reflect different kinds of printing. Giving reference to silk screen printing. That might not be obvious but it is