I appreciate difference, in most if not all things. My background is in the visual arts / social sciences.

There is a language to reflect all the things we see, hear & speak. A scent for taste and a sense for touch. There is also a style in which we wear the things we love. The feeling that these things gives us, in which we find Ourselves in a state of loving this or something like this.

Custom prints-images is to promote and sell merchandise that is visual in nature.  That is its main objective, with the occasional text as is necessary. The images/ materials / products and sizes is all that will generally change. They can be purchased printed or as an electronic file.

Words, Images, Photographs or Products.

Love this… is a creation that was initially called Charm Wear in which I place a custom image of lips with the words ‘ I Love You’ in different languages on a classic 25mm button badge. The badges was the inspiration for creating this site. The custom lips that you see are the inspiration for badges…..


Joss Love this…

Love this… ( I ) in experience with Love is Blind ( registered custom red lips with I love you in Braille)

Registered design mark smiley face printed on Old Street brushed twill

Custom green lips with Mi Luv Yu Bad printed on Old Street brushed twill fabric.
Carbon base card+ cast Hexatrigon

Mi Luv Yu Bad® is now a registered Trademark

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