Spheres and understanding

The first spheres were not for a joke or gimmick and neither were the second.  I may be isolated from the group in question. But picture this, Or not.

we live in 3D space and so much of that is informed by something less so.

often what is not said speaks volumes.
arranged spheres to make an imagined  part viable . It started with an iOS screenshot,  for viewing  purposes  only.  Jan 31 / Feb 2020

This model  is the only representation with colour which is the model settled on with enable manufacturing. I refused the official quote. (Spheres were not included) But model with hoop or without is possible up to 29 could fit on the casting tree. ( an investment casting) It was for steel! Thomson Reuters please don’t be offended. It was just showing how things had moved on since 2017 and original post.

It seems as though me using Trojanthinking as my tag for decades has now due to whatever is becoming problematic. If you notice time stamps on posts you will see 2018 is when the metal form came about.  I have used the name from the early nineties.

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