sublimation as art?

These are not really art, and the tile is lost but it is making the most out of things gone wrong.  Which you could call art if you want. I quite like the first heart and the last face it has what screen printing could not offer me without much trouble which is the variation of red in the heart that resembled the photograph from which it was based.  I will at some stage prepare a proper 3d print to take the One Luv heart and hope for better. As can be seen on other pages the face came off well in the end, so should the rest if they can fit. Similar position to the badge in that respect, funny Just to add the substrate for the  tile was also the coating a lesson gained through experience. The images on 3d prints have no substrate!. Just the process of sublimation via heat.

This is one of those heat presses with the spray mentioned in post full circle bought for presses  on cotton to reduce ink run. Space issue so those never materialised

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