I opened the box!!

It seems as though the protolabs print in maraging steel that has a different hoop allows the chain which is pictured in one of these posts through. Although hoops are hoops this particular one does seem to not only perform it is quite recognisable in other places. See an alternative view clearly visible here. However it is also on this site already.

.3 difference

I posted a link on trojanthinking of a shorter vid showing balance achieved with a tea light candle wick holder, This is the longer one showing the difference. `a  leaf from my second run silicone casting initiated the scales, with a fortunate vibration


Spheres and understanding

The first spheres were not for a joke or gimmick and neither were the second.  I may be isolated from the group in question. But picture this, Or not.

we live in 3D space and so much of that is informed by something less so.

often what is not said speaks volumes.
arranged spheres to make an imagined  part viable . It started with an iOS screenshot,  for viewing  purposes  only.  Jan 31 / Feb 2020

This model  is the only representation with colour which is the model settled on with enable manufacturing. I refused the official quote. (Spheres were not included) But model with hoop or without is possible up to 29 could fit on the casting tree. ( an investment casting) It was for steel! Thomson Reuters please don’t be offended. It was just showing how things had moved on since 2017 and original post.

It seems as though me using Trojanthinking as my tag for decades has now due to whatever is becoming problematic. If you notice time stamps on posts you will see 2018 is when the metal form came about.  I have used the name from the early nineties.

Full circle it seems

I recently pressed custom red lips on a printed model which came out well. I placed it on a press which I did right at the beginning of my material journey. It was on carbon fibre it was bought online. It was was a heart in fact it had several. which due to the background came of in regards the image left on paper but was very difficult to see. If I remember correctly it may have been one of the last times I went to see the printers. Which now has become a coffee shop. The material was encased in resin which made it possible. You might be able to pick it out of the background. Other images may be found of the original on trojanthinking.wordpress.com

just to think of how this image came into being crosses not only years of experience,  theory, practice, language, meaning. materials and borders.

It was less than a day old. (Image that is)

This got what could be directed from the  can.

Sods law and the spray tip of a can varnish that has another import tax story. Says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

This time it was used after the image press rather than before ( experience from working with the ceramic tiles)

Screenshot form Techsil Uk where I sourced a replacement and hopefully a safeguard to not have the same thing happen again.


Older print and newer

Primed all sides but one, for paint couldn’t  bring myself to cover the lips . Sad! I  think this printout was not only when I had a printer but I think I printed the net form to the shape also.. One of the last image saved on a hdd that fail some years ago now.

P.s. I painted over them now for better or worse. You know if you rubbed of the paint the lips could still be there. The process embeds into the material not on to it.  So now only the second lower photo  is true!!

It was those circles edging on sacred

It was the cross over of purpose that led to me adopt this as a tool. It was only by this method that some imagery I had seen in several places came into being. I was aiming at three hexagons with adjoining edge on two sides. It did alter my comprehension of many things that have structure at its heart. Where faith comes in, in the future not forgetting more less faith based privileges. I mention this as like many other things it  has had an influence.

closest reference to one of the registered tools guide lines  are on the other side so would the holes be.


I now know who should have had the second card

Due to my excitement of opening my deliveries from abroad. It was not until I looked a little closer at the packaging and I examined nearly every one. And noticed a name. Ok he may not be correct recipient in regards to the manner that I wanted the card to be given. As mentioned earlier it never happened but delayed thanks to a BART Darius logistics

I don’t think the stamps I bought would have been correct anyway. They went missing… less said airmail might be ones

I suppose I could create a dud print and send it back with the card. Must stress that has never actually happened.! Thanks