Love …. Together its stronger

It holds more weight than a pizza😊

I must admit to certain limitations in regards to stress testing, but these cardboard versions when working together were stronger.

It is not alone in this concept but it’s  new to the table.

Below see hexatrigons no glue or tape just folds and a slit or two  working together to support a kettlebell

They are stronger together

Stronger together

A custom print-image for Britain

The current political dynamics in the UK has directed me to engage in a more literal position with this image. As I have mentioned in earlier post I have been granted permission to use a representation of a flag or two in conjunction with the words ‘Mi Luv Yu Bad’  The general perspective I had drew recognition to the diversity and the notions of democracy that exist in this country that are sometimes taken for granted.  The Brexit question has created a split in the country that for me disregards the benefits that have occurred from the historical events of this country, and its import to global positions.

I am not of the opinion that there is no conflict or disagreement in relations of politics and culture. I only subscribe to the position that unions of things and people have different perspectives but nevertheless share something, that at the very least may hold value to the concerned parties.  The how and why the distribution of what they share may differ, it still changes nothing in regards to their connections.

The fundamentals of scientific perspective and possibly religious perspective have acknowledgement of a connections of sorts which relates  to each other. The difference I observe is the scientific perspective  via Einstein / Feynman  which demonstrates how that which appears separate actual has meaningful connections.

All I  say is any person has two male / female genes and as such their parents come from somewhere. That somewhere has a history and as such is still represented by something and if its a flag then they can be represented. In my view those flags are the lenses which become the eyes to the (I)ndividual who may want to be expressed with a face and a smile + Mi Luv Yu Bad

It is a start…
Mi Luv Yu Bad + custom green lips