Love this…. custom lips

This image was a result of my first visit to a print shop when my original registered custom prints lips was to complicated to be silk screen printed on tote bag . Unfortunately this never happened but as you can see these lips are flexible enough to be used in a multitude of applications and the words easily changed or removed.

It is Valentines Day soon so if it fits the bill, I hope to hear from you soon.

This one colour version is full with the words,

I love you

Fabric prints on Brushed Twill

Here is a selection of images some of which you may have seen on other forms such as badges or printed cards. Some of which are entirely new custom prints for sale on ‘Old Street’ brushed twill fabric.

Now Nappa leather,etc  is available.

Luv for the underground

[wp_cart_button name=”London Underground fabric patch” price=”5.00″]

The sizes of these images has been cut to an approximate size between 7-10cm.

[wp_cart_button name=”custom lips + mi luv yu bad” price=”3.00″]

[wp_cart_button name=”Heart +cross” price=”3.00″]

[wp_cart_button name=”Custom Red Lips + I love you in defferent languages” price=”2.00″]

[wp_cart_button name=”four custom red lips” price=”2.50″]

[wp_cart_button name=”custom red lips+collage text” price=”2.50″]

[wp_cart_button name=”One Luv heart on fabric” price=”2.00″]