On this site I have danced a little less  of a political dance but the news of the royals leaving the Uk are in some what mirrored with where I may want to set one of my design marks I did at first hope for more from it. Didn’t expect that ignorance to reach so far in the 21st Century. In  family I suppose whatever happens they still relate.

in more keeping with where the journey led I found out about a celebrated day in the US that I found  out about. For the last time a full signal and compromised data.

This post had  a different ending but could not be saved???

It concerned metal advances in Colorado which was how I found out about the day .

I pose this question…

Marks or Art?


I would like to add to this question the word ‘part’. This primarily is as a result of questioning what I see as marks on the model. Which when speaking to the manufacturers is referred to as the part. I was directed to info regarding the finishing process. Safe to say that I will not be pursuing that line of questioning any further.

However I must admit to not seeing the art, accepting the mark and comprehending the classification. The need to fit into a preexisting box or labelling system can often lead to misinterpretations, while not meaning to offend

This is from a screen recording yet is still frame