.3 difference

I posted a link on trojanthinking of a shorter vid showing balance achieved with a tea light candle wick holder, This is the longer one showing the difference. `a  leaf from my second run silicone casting initiated the scales, with a fortunate vibration


red dumpling

I ended up painting the yellow thing, it allowed for a reinterpretation of spinning. Not exactly forward thinking in technological terms however it does show what I tried to show quite early on in regards symmetry. I created a few images to relay this not many made it so view.

Trying to make clear

registered Hexatrigon as image

When the term ‘lived experience’ entered my lexicon, it was on the basis of a question on being(existence) via Fanon, the reply to that (if pursued) was to be wrapped in the time frame of the term ‘lived experience’. On researching, it did not follow my question, yet just used a component of it in terms of an observational trait, to be instituted.

As this did not satisfy my actual experienced research. That line of investigation  ended.

The shape was not an analytical construct , yet as now having a presence it will know doubt be.

Point one, a certain program created it. The same program exported it.

Point two, a particular manufacturing process could print it. Both the creation and its subsequent learning were different to anything I knew beforehand.

The expectations of then known norms to produce it were speculations before seeing it through. Those proved it could not be done. However as it was present to view, which by default of the associated trade meant it could be manufactured.

Beyond the hand created versions that proved conceptually it was possible, no other reasonings are necessary. The properties the form possesses are consequential.

Believe it or not.  The end.

Part of my lived experience?  yes. Do I use it to address what was not? debatable! probably not. Did I learnt from the experience?, yes. Desire to fit into the realm that did not dream of it or know of it, is not a question for me, it might be for you. I have expressed its journey and what was before.(literally)

Once those learned readers/viewers acknowledge this, this post will not need to be here. Waiting


Full circle it seems

I recently pressed custom red lips on a printed model which came out well. I placed it on a press which I did right at the beginning of my material journey. It was on carbon fibre it was bought online. It was was a heart in fact it had several. which due to the background came of in regards the image left on paper but was very difficult to see. If I remember correctly it may have been one of the last times I went to see the printers. Which now has become a coffee shop. The material was encased in resin which made it possible. You might be able to pick it out of the background. Other images may be found of the original on trojanthinking.wordpress.com

just to think of how this image came into being crosses not only years of experience,  theory, practice, language, meaning. materials and borders.

It was less than a day old. (Image that is)

This got what could be directed from the  can.

Sods law and the spray tip of a can varnish that has another import tax story. Says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

This time it was used after the image press rather than before ( experience from working with the ceramic tiles)

Screenshot form Techsil Uk where I sourced a replacement and hopefully a safeguard to not have the same thing happen again.


Older print and newer

Primed all sides but one, for paint couldn’t  bring myself to cover the lips . Sad! I  think this printout was not only when I had a printer but I think I printed the net form to the shape also.. One of the last image saved on a hdd that fail some years ago now.

P.s. I painted over them now for better or worse. You know if you rubbed of the paint the lips could still be there. The process embeds into the material not on to it.  So now only the second lower photo  is true!!

It was those circles edging on sacred

It was the cross over of purpose that led to me adopt this as a tool. It was only by this method that some imagery I had seen in several places came into being. I was aiming at three hexagons with adjoining edge on two sides. It did alter my comprehension of many things that have structure at its heart. Where faith comes in, in the future not forgetting more less faith based privileges. I mention this as like many other things it  has had an influence.

closest reference to one of the registered tools guide lines  are on the other side so would the holes be.