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Love this… Rhiannon Giddens

Collection of custom prints -images along side Purchasers Option song by Rhiannon Giddens.

Bitter sweets and guilty pleasures are things we have learned to live with, but not every love is picturesque and not everything in ones past has Golden years even with rose tinted spectacles.

Sometimes things just standout

When something catches the eye it is never certain why you take an interest,  you can choose to leave it as you found it or not. Take some interest or just shares. I think when i took this photograph my mind was filled with the digital fruit bowl notion, where you might find blackberry’s, apple’s,

Love this… This time colour is not the matter

Colour is not the matter

see above custom prints on both fabric and ceramic glazed tiles. Colour is not the problem with the prints in these tiles.

The points, the edges, the planes

Scaled blue sky thinking manifest  in Aluminum
Scaled blue sky thinking manifest in Aluminum

see above two versions of Aluminum 3D print of hexagtrion