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Love this… This time colour is not the matter

Colour is not the matter

see above custom prints on both fabric and ceramic glazed tiles. Colour is not the problem with the prints in these tiles.

The points, the edges, the planes

Scaled blue sky thinking manifest  in Aluminum
Scaled blue sky thinking manifest in Aluminum

see above two versions of Aluminum 3D print of hexagtrion

Love this….united front in difference

This image shows the progression of the hexatrigon in a solid motionless form from materials which begin with the Grey resin 3D print to the Natural Grey metal 3D print in a clockwise direction. Including composite resin, nylon or polyester.

The Metal print and the beeswax (candle) cast are natural materials  in the usual sense of the word.

A Composition of materials in the form of Hexatrigons to form a tessellated hexagon, photographed from above.