What is the result?

Some seem to think that what I have been through is some kind of non believable events. I know since I started this site fake news was not in my vocabulary, however neither was the reality of calls that were not actually in relation to what the number was attached to!

The sims, the phones, the computers, the hard drives internal, external, disk based, solid state. All have in one way or another not been what I had been used to beforehand.

I created the lips when I did not have a computer, it was on an app which since has gone pro and is also on computer! I registered the 3d physical forms on a phone. The trademark was carried out on computer. I also moved in that time too. Lost some stuff there too.

The one or two things I had not done before seem to be that which if known, those want it to be recognised by someone else and when it is it is ignored anyway. If I used the knowledge from a supposed position those would still not want to hear. The ignorance of some to just entrench more ignorance is startling.

So thanks for that.

On the flip side there is now ….. what was before and then somethings leftover. I started off with the notion of two numbers one for …. the other…. because what I never mentioned here about the issues relating to the last time I had broadband/ land line. If known,  you would probably asked yourself why I even tried! There would have been less content online for sure. I think the reality of esims will have one sim for .. and another for… in a handset, and other devices too no doubt. With some additive manufacturing maybe and a dataset definitely.

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