When this started

The position of polar opposites is nothing new. When Freud was speaking by letters with Einstein. In regards to what / who had the more precise position on explaining Mankind in the world. Neither could make any contribution  to the other in professional terms.

Both however had reason to look at what occurred in the past in order to formulate their doctrines which in one way or another had impacted on the world.

The look and how it is documented has meaning. Trouble with that is what is not pleasing finds a way to avoid that signifing structure that documents the laws of its construction.

Is there a coincidence that an atom at a quantum level and the unconscious at the level of the signifier find recognition that only seem to meet the eye in a particular setting / position.

The contributions of both positions have in one way or another influenced things that had been outside of the field of observation of that knowledge base.

The I that everyone is taught to understand oneself which is mirrored, through a particular understanding has a message which is at the very least is supposed to know that one eye has a barred structure / perspective beyond the organic matter of what is in the scope of its observation.

To recognise the symptoms of repression/signification (past) should inform the present.

Black the darkness from one perspective, White the light from another, to speak for all perspectives, subjects  or just their own,  I think not.

The economy of socialist spoke for people from the top down, The economy of capitalist spoke for people from the top down. The common denominator is people and what that oneself (I) sees in who they govern. Fit for chains or fit for the ovens should not be the model / goals of a progressive thinking world

The fear of the other predeterminined by the polar opposite saw in the past  people leave what we called the EU on the Mayflower and The Empires on the ships fuelled by the coffee shops. That big Other of language that led to those attrocities  had Romanic goals/ languages that had its own problems which is a problem of all Empires East or West that crossed the Deserts to find trade or belief.

How far should my experience / knowledge go back? lived or not.  or attempt to look forward to Hexatrigons. Not to mentioned the efforts to respect those that died to give some freedoms gained.

My ‘echoes of love’ badge

Echoes of Love

(not for retail) in which I tried to express that the space which the flag took was originally blank so what would be seen as white, it could also  symbolise the original colour of the poppy and the red symbolise the stain left by the blood that was spilt. Or other flags which contributed to the effort could replace the original, misguided in legal terms unknown and admitted at the time yet the sentiment remains for the appropriate authorities to…


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